7 Videos in 7 Days – Day 3 – Gratitude


Gratitude is a cornerstone for changing your life. If you can get home of a night and give thanks for 3 things that occurred or people that you interacted with in your day then your life will change.

If you get home and complain about your day nothing will change.

By being grateful we connect with the universe and start flowing with positive attitude.

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Write them down and do this every night before you go to sleep. Your life will change.

BONUS VIDEO – You have another bonus video today. My inspiring interview with the author of the Gratitude Guide, Jacob Zylka-Zebracki. His is an inspiring story like few others. Watch the video below.

Day 3 Gratitude


BONUS VIDEO – My Interview with author of the Gratitude Project – Jacob Zylka-Zebracki

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