How to Heal Your Body with Fasting

I recently had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Tone Floreal on how to heal your body with fasting. We also spoke about how I survived losing my daughter, Holly, from SIDS when she was 5 months old as well as many other fascinating topics. In this interview I am totally out of my comfort zone. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone to!

The video below talks about my life in the police force in Melbourne, how juicing, fasting and eating a plant based diet can heal you along with meditation, exercise, sunshine and fresh air and most importantly good relationships.

How to Heal Prostate Cancer Naturally

In 2012 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Through a plant based diet, juicing, fasting and having a positive mental attitude I healed myself. No medical intervention apart from a biopsy. I really believe we can heal our own bodies when we combine things like meditation and yog with a good healthy plant based diet, giving up dairy and meat and being in good positive, healthy relationships. Healing prostate cancer naturally is real and I did it.

How to Heal Your Body with Fasting

When we fast we allow our body to detoxify and give our digestive system a rest. By drinking water and juices for say 7 days, our body is able to rest and regenerate. This also gives the body a chance to heal. Look at a dog or a cat. When they are sick or injured what do they do? They rest and just drink water. They know that by resting and just drinking fluids their body will have more energy to help it heal, without having to expend energy digesting solid food day after day.

What You Will Learn in this Video

You will learn all of the above as well as all the effects my actions had on my life. Everything we do effects everything else in our lives. Watch and take away the life lessons that are coming thick and fast in this in depth interview. You will be inspired by the story I tell and the life I have led. Enjoy and take it all on board.

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